Soundswell is a band of surfers, artists, and free thinkers creating meaningful sound experiences; fusing rock, funk, jazz, and blues, with heavy rhythmic currents and a pulsating beat. Based in Patchogue, these eight musicians explore the spirit of live improvisational music. Each member adds their own color to Soundswell’s canvas, playing an active role in generating a fluidity of sound, a sound that flows from a willingness to embrace each moment, to ride each wave. In little over a year the band has managed to plant themselves firmly in LI’s music scene. They have performed at The Great South Bay Music Festival, The Pennysaver Amphitheater at Bald Hill, Stephen Talkhouse, The Patchogue Theatre, Blue Point Brewery, 89 North Music Venue, Grey Horse Tavern, the Brickhouse Brewery and The Velvet Lounge. Dive on in. Experience the swell.